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Date: Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 5:35 AM
Subject: Happiness

Carissima Famiglia,
This week has been really hard, but I LOVE missionary work. We've done a lot of casa. a lot. and even more walking. My feet are sore. But I'm happy.
This week, on Thursday, we taught our theologist investigator, Roberto, who is incredibly smart and truly looking for the truth. He knows everything about the Catholic church, and knows that it's false. woot. That day, we also taught Sunday. Sunday is amazing. I love him. We read 1 Nephi 1 with him, and he understood it really well. That same day, as we were leaving the station in Novara, another Nigerian stopped us. He said "Do you have a word for me?" yep... yes we do. We went out to his house, and talked to him for a while, doing a short lesson asking for questions. He had some good ones, and then told us about his life. He studied Microbiology, but works in a factory here, and continues his studies, and hopes to go back to college in a year, this time in England. He's pretty cool. We haven't seen him since, though. Also, that day, we taught our Peruvian friend Carlos, but he was rather unresponsive to what we taught... it was a little odd. We asked him lots of questions, and he just didn't respond. Oh well.
Friday, our appointments fell through, and there was a strike on the trains... which apparently happens often... so we couldn't go to Novara. Anziano Zippro has casa'd almost all of Vercelli, so I led and decided where we were going, and found an area he hadn't done. We met a man named Graglia, who is 70 years old, a painter, and nearly entirely blind. I like his paintings. they were pretty, but from his half blind point of view, which made for a really interesting effect. He's very interested in many things, including astrophysics. He didn't seem to understand properly what he was talking about, but it was interesting to see how he related it to God. I like him.
Saturday, we casa'd into a Muslim couple who let us teach them a short finding lesson, and then just said straight up no to a return appointment. That's the first time that's happened to me. Usually people either don't let us in, or let us teach a return appointment at least. It was interesting. We then taught Sunday. He had read 1 Nephi 1-14. And took notes. And asked questions. We answered his questions, and then taught him about the sabbath day, and invited him to Church on Sunday. He said he'd come, at least for Sacrament.
Sunday, Sunday and his friend Prince came to Sacrament, and then left, just as they said. I sat with them, and Prince flipped through my quad, looking at different things... but I stopped him on the last page... where a certain patriarchal blessing is... yeah... he didn't read that. Sunday doesn't speak Italian very well, so I'm not so sure how much he understood, but oh well. Also in church were our Bishop's friend and his wife, and Angelo and Lisset, who I think I've talked about before. We then had a really good Gospel Principles class.
Later that same day, we found this man named Candide, from the Ivory Coast, who speaks Italian, and is amazingly friendly. Literally, everytime I talk with him, all of my worries go away, I'm full of energy, and I leave smiling and practically running. His presence is like a drug. Seriously. AND... he's superbly interested in our message, sincerely looking for the truth, and... I love him. a few minutes after we taught him, Anziano Zippro decided that we needed to visit an old investigator he hasn't talked with in over a month. We went there, and this man Luxson, wasn't there. But his friend Edwin was, who asked us a lot of questions, like "How can I make my dreams come true?" "How can I get wisdom?" and such. He's a pretty good guy.
Monday, all of our appointments fell through till FHE, which we taught a short lesson, and made brownies for. We also updated our area book and knocked a lot of doors.
Tuesday, which was yesterday, we met with Sunday again, as well as Candide, and Edwin. Sunday told us he hadn't read since Sunday, which was a little disappointing, but ok, because he commited to reading 2 Nephi 2 for the next time we meet and teach him about the Plan of Salvation. Candide we met with again, taught him a rather scattered Restoration lesson, with badly spoken Italian, and a lack of focus on our part, but he's been praying every morning and night like we asked him to, and said he'd read the pamphlet, and once again, I left with a super happy mood. I love this man! and we've only taught him twice! We then went and taught Edwin again, approximately the same lesson, this time in badly spoken English. A few minutes after the lesson, he called us and said that his friends didn't like us coming over, and that we can't see him again till he moves in a week. Good thing he moves next week.
This morning, we went shopping, then wandered around one of the malls on the outskirts of town. Here in Italy, there are several kinds of food stores, which I'll organize in three categories, family-owned little stores that sell one kind of thing, like bread, pastries, gelato, etc. supermarkets, which are like a smaller sized smith's or other normal sized grocery store (one of which we live directly above, called Carrefour), and Ipermercato. Which means Hypermarket. Essentially it's like a Super Target, or an Ikea, or Costco. It's one of those disgustingly large stores like that. That would be what we wandered this morning on the outskirts of town.
Anyways, I love you, and my week has been wonderful, mostly thanks to this man Candide. He's awesome. Also Sunday.
Vi Amo!
Anziano Benjamin Jolley

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