Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Anziano Benjamin Jolley
Via XX Settembre, 37
16100 Vercelli (VC)

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Date: Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 4:30 AM
Subject: Transfers

My dear family,
For the third transfer in a row, I will have a new companion. I'm staying in Vercelli, so you can continue to send letters to my current address on Via XX settembre. Anziano Zippro is headed to Piacenza with Anziano Dunshee, an anziano from my MTC group, who lives in Bountiful, so the Clark and Brenda Petersens know him. Taking his place here in Vercelli, after 9 months, is Anziano Jones.
No, it is not the same Anziano Jones that trained me. He's headed to Verona as a Zone Leader. This Anziano Jones is coming from the Toscana zone, which means that he used to be in the Rome mission. He's been out longer that both of my earlier companions, and that's about all I know about him.
In our mission, there are somewhere above 77 companionships. This transfer, only 4 of them are staying the same. This means that in my district, I only know one anziano, the one that took my place in Alessandria, Anziano Gallagher. The other city in our district, Biella, is getting whitewashed, meaning both of the anziani this transfer are new to the area. It's exciting, transfer time.
In other news, missionary work is going well here in vercelli. Candide sees us every day. literally. I've seen him every day since last wednesday. He's great. In that time, we've taught him the plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and started to teach him the commandments. He has a firm baptismal date for the 21st of August, and asks us about it every time we see him. He's wonderful. Really, if I was a bad missionary, he'd get baptised in spite of me.
This week, we've tried to pick up our investigators in Vercelli from the beginning of the transfer. We've had little success there. This week, Sunday had a serious health issue. He went out and about looking for work so hard that his blood pressure spiked, he went to the hospital, and then was told to rest and recover at home. So... that made for an interesting few lessons.
We met a man named Stefano this week. He's 34 years old, tall, skinny, very white, and gets REALLY excited when we talk to him. He asked us the second time we taught him how he can join our church, but then said something else... so... he very likely could get baptised. He was born Catholic, joined the Jehovah's Witnesses in 2000, and then went back to the Catholic church in 2008. We are now teaching him, and he's very excited about it.
Roberto Ladetto, our theologist friend, has seen us twice. He's convinced that I've had theological training, so he asks me if I know all of these random Catholic theologists from the 1200s, which I don't, so I say no, and he doesn't believe me. It's kind of intimidating to have him be so convinced of my training... which I DON'T have. anyways, we're going to be teaching him a really in depth Apostasy and Restoration lesson next tuesday... pray for me? and him? and Anziano Jones?
Yesterday, as we were sitting in a park in Novara making phone calls, I met some Pakistanis playing Cricket. That was very interesting. It reminded me of last semester at BYU, with my friends who loved Bollywood movies. I think they were speaking the same language as in those movies. Except that I didn't have subtitles this time, and they don't speak english OR Italian. We asked them the rules of Cricket, and they didn't really understand.
Candide LOVES country music. I told him I'd write home asking for a country CD for him. If Camille or Caroline or one of my siblings could help me with this request... that'd be nice.
I've had a good week. I hope you all have too.
Vi Amo!
Anziano Benjamin Jolley

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